About Elliots Cars

We offer Large Car, Van and MotorHome Fleet at best rates in greater manchester

We made Customised software solution for them

KanooteSoft team stream lined their processes as they were working in excel sheets and it used to take them mand days to compare all sheets and check about hoe many payments came through in bank statement,Vioa Direct Debit, Standind orders, Payroll etc but we developed a customised software for them which help the, and save thier lots of time.

I think now the ownership of this customer/business is changed as we met the old owner called Zaf few years ago. Zaf shows the whole business to us. KanooteSoft team helped them and streamlined their letter processing process which was taking long time for them whenever they wanted to generate any unique letter for any customer with his address. So we made a bespoke customised software solution for them which saved their time and automate the process.

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