Creative Web Design Ideas for Your Website in 2020: Your website determines the ways your business is perceived. It is the first impression that a customer or client makes about your firm. Hence, it is imperative to design a website that is not only attractive but also functional, secure, easy to navigate, and user-friendly.

While you may not be able to design your website yourself, you should still have some idea about the latest trends being followed by the industry. This way, you can be educated about your vision, prior to converting your idea to the hired Web Designer. 

If you are unsure about the type of website you want to build for your business, you can reflect on some of the award-winning web pages, to gather web design trends that inspire you. Take a look at these ten creative web design ideas. 

1. Slavery Foot Print Website

Slavery Foot Print web design ideas

Slavey Footprint is a non-profit organization, which promotes the message regarding the subtle, modern-day slavery practices. Hence, their web design probes emotion by featuring a “breaking of chain design”  on the home page. This imagery is not only powerful but also a great representation of the brand. Solely relying on its design, the organization is able to proficiently deliver its message and vision regarding its fight for freedom for modern-day slavery.  Due to this, the organization is able to invite more people towards its cause. 

In addition to being graphically stimulating, the web page of Slavery Footprint is easy to navigate, accessible, responsive, and user-friendly. 

2. Virgin America

Virgin America website design

Virgin America’s website earned the 2014 UX Award for the “Most significant industry evolution.”  The company’s webpage stands apart from its competitors, as it is able to improve on the usability issues, which are often found on airline websites. The web page of Virgin America adds little features in its Web Design, which enhances the overall experience of the users. It is one of the most responsive airline websites in the entire industry. 

3. Hello Monday

Hello, Monday is a platform for a creative studio, which promotes digital ideas, brand experiences, and products, by using an innovative approach to web design. The essence of the company is reflected in every constituent of its web design, which features an amalgamation of hand-drawn animations, visual components, as well as intelligent use of fonts. Hello, Monday’s Web Design is not only visually appealing, but it is also user-friendly and easy to navigate. 

4. Feed

Feed website ideas

Feed’s web design incorporates a darker, yet intriguing theme to captivate the user’s attention. It provides users with an interactive platform, as it features engaging video, animation, and musical content. The best part about Feed’s design is that it can be applied to any category of business. The creative use of multimedia can be appropriately added to the business’s website to inform, educate, and invite customers or clients. 

5. Simply Chocolate

simply chocolate creative website design

Being the seller of a delicacy, Simply Chocolate targets the audience by luring them into the temptation stimulated by the chocolate bars. The Web Design of Simply Chocolate features several visuals of the company’s own products. This way, the blend of the photography with the design layout urges the viewers to invest in the company’s products. 

6. ETQ

Minimalism is one of the most popular Web Design trends of 2020. ETQ takes the minimalistic approach to deliver a web page, which makes their products the star of the show. The company relies on a simplistic white or pastel-colored background and contrasts it with appealing typography, along with its own products. This way, the visitor’s focus is directed towards the feature that the company desires to sell. 

7. SuperHero Cheesecake- The year of Greta

greta thunberg new creative website design

SuperHero Cheesecake, a digital production studio, took an astute approach to create its Web Design. The website earned an award for its iconic imagery of the Greta Thurnbergs TIME Magazine election for the “Person of the year”. The carefully designed layout, along with the color story, has urged the website to get noticed by the users. 

8. SPINX Digital

SPINX Digital website layout

SPINX Digital’s website attracts users due to its efficient use of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). The website has carefully employed and integrated keywords within its content, along with improving its usability and optimizing the website’s design. The Web Design of SPINX Digital incorporates the balanced use of color, strong typography, engaging content, as well as interactive graphics. 

9. The History of Climate Change

The History of Climate Change creative website layout

The History of Climate Change is an educational platform that uses its website to take users on a venture. The website incorporates visual elements to engage and intrigue the users, so their vision can get across.  The webpage for the History of Climate Change employs the use of interactive media, along with animations, to narrate their message.  

10. Woven

Woven website design ideas

Woven Magazine is an online platform that promotes the works of artists and craftspeople. Its Web Design follows a simplistic layout, which makes the content and the imagery the focal point. The website offers an enhanced user experience. 

The aforementioned websites all have diverse styles, yet they follow a similar theme of improving the user’s experience. You can reflect on these Web Designs to gather inspiration for your own business.

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